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Based in Northwest Pennsylvania, Bortnick Construction specializes in industrial and mechanical construction, maintenance, and fabrication.  Founded in 1984 by Jim Bortnick and Russ Nelson, the company has evolved into contracting projects that include pipefitting, ironwork, and millwright services.

Construction of Stripper Tower - Hero-BX Bio-Fuel Refinery Enel Main Bearing Change - Hydro Unit

   Construction of Stripper Tower - Hero-BX Bio-Fuel Refinery                Enel Main Bearing Change - Hydro Unit

Bortnick Construction owns and operates a 26,000 square foot fabricating facility utilizing Autocad, computer controlled plasma cutting, and robotic welding.  These tools, combined with extensive hands-on experience and a highly skilled work force, provide comprehensive project services and adequate manpower on all projects (detailing, fabrication, and installation) delivered on time and within budget.

Turbine Generator Transport

Turbine Generator Transport

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